Cubes can be customized to accommodate your business needs and can be manufactured at various BTU levels. Burn alone or combined with other resources as an alternative fuel solution for industrial and manufacturing use.


Absorbent cubes control waste water with no impact on environmental resources. Manufactured with paper based fiber products, they are the greenest alternative to keep liquids contained.


Cubes for leisure use offer an easy alternative for outdoor fireplaces, bonfires, camping and more. Hot enough to burn but safe for your family and friends to enjoy year-round as an alternative to fire wood.

Roaring Spring BioFuel

Innovation from the Roaring Spring Family of Products

Roaring Spring BioFuel offers an eco-wise alternative in the industrial, commercial, and residential fuel and absorbency marketplace. Another innovation from the Roaring Spring family of products, BioFuel’s assortment of alternative products offers an environmentally friendly solution to generating fuel energy and liquid stabilization and containment. Roaring Spring BioFuel brings together a cost-effective and sensible combination of recycled materials and clean energy convenience that is not found in most fossil-based fuels and absorbents used today.

“Roaring Spring BioFuel – the alternative energy source that does not freeze like wood and coal.”

What Can Customizable Cubes Do For You & The Environment?

Roaring Spring BioFuel offers customizable alternative fuel cubes providing cleaner energy.

Customizable Cubes Mean Cleaner Energy

The experts and developers at Roaring Spring BioFuel have produced a product that can be customized to meet industrial fuel needs, specially attuned to meet the needs of particular energy generation requirements. The particular composition of the customizable cubes is engineered to produce the energy output required by business and industry applications. Home versions of the cubes are perfect alternatives to costlier and messier charcoal and wood products now on the market.

Roaring Spring Biofuel offers customizable cubes with high absorbent power for spill containment.

Customizable Cubes Offer Absorbent Power

Our customizable cubes are just as versatile when it comes to providing absorbency for liquid stabilization and containment for oil and gas industry work. Roaring Spring BioFuel acts as a solidifying agent for the cuttings and other liquid containment materials. Our absorbent cubes give users a convenient way to stabilize materials and are an economical and innovative product to use help save the environment in multiple ways.

“Typically we have the lower cost per BTU than any other energy sources.”
Bill Brumbaugh, Sales Manager, Roaring Spring BioFuel

We are Just Getting Started…

Customizable energy and absorption cubes from Roaring Spring BioFuel offer an alternative and green energy source, an environmentally-conscious absorbency solution for gas industry applications, and an economical choice for value-minded consumers who enjoy backyard heating and the great outdoors, and we are just getting started. We invite you to find out more about the Roaring Spring BioFuel products, their commercial and residential uses, let us know how you will use Roaring Spring BioFuel in your daily life, and how much you enjoy our products.

Responsible Alternatives Created Right Here in America.