Absorbent Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Our Low-Residue Formula Stabilizes Liquid

Roaring Spring BioFuel’s absorbent cubes are engineered to meet our customers’ specific absorbent requirements. The cubes are manufactured using a combination of agricultural byproducts and unrecyclable paper fiber. Roaring Spring BioFuel absorbents compare favorably with benchmark materials such as wood chips.

Roaring Spring BioFuel absorbents are made of eco-friendly material, and compare favorably to conventional absorbent materials.
BioFuel paper based fiber absorbents can help soak up waste water and keep liquid contained for easier cleanup.

One of our formulations consists of an absorbency product that is excellent for use on messy spills. It is very reminiscent of the way that hay, cat litter, or cellulose fiber may be used to sop up wet spills or help keep the liquid contained for easier clean up. The dried, natural fibers used in our cube making process make our product perfect for handling an assortment of work or cleanup processes.

Our bio-absorbable cubes are an effective material to add to current work processes. Roaring Spring BioFuel’s low-residue formula takes in the liquid and holds it without breaking down into messier, minute pieces, the way some absorbents operate. This means a neater collection process when you need it most.

Sludge? No Problem for BioFuel Cubes!

Roaring Spring BioFuel’s proprietary formula makes it different than the other absorbent products your company may have used in the past. Its non-toxic composition actually helps the environment by not adding yet another variable to an already messy situation. Our state-of-the-art absorbable cubes can be treating your company’s spill containment problems, so give us a call today!

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