Industrial Energy Uses Start with Unique Blends

Customizable Alternative Commercial Fuel Solutions

One of the many ways Roaring Spring BioFuel is able to offer so many options is thanks, in large part, to our research and development team. We have studied various industrial and commercial processes and continue to do so, in order to achieve the unique blends employed to generate the appropriate heat/BTU levels for customer needs. Ideally, it may be used alone, or as a fire starter to accompany another source. Roaring Spring BioFuel provides customizable, alternative commercial fuel solutions for industrial and manufacturing use.

Different Grades of Fuel

Just as there are different grades of existing fossil fuels (varying grades of coal and types of oil-based liquids) that feed today’s energy generation, Roaring Spring BioFuel is developed to provide varying degrees of heat when burned. Many businesses may be unaware of the burn rate for the amount of coal and other fuel they use, and how these different grades of fossil fuels may change over time, and even by supplier. These may no longer meet their heating and energy needs, even though most are keenly aware of how much money these varying fuel grades and inefficiencies cost today.

BioFuel is available in Roaring Spring, PA in many different grades developed to provide varying degrees of heath when burned.

Energy Production Using Roaring Spring BioFuel

Energy production using Roaring Spring BioFuel products is a comparable alternative to traditional fossil fuels, but with a healthier advantage, overall. In fact, with much of the traditional coal market either slowing or shutting down, and a tighter focus being given to the production and use of carbon-producing fuels within our environment, BioFuel cubes offer lower sulfur and nitrous oxide when burned. EPA Letter

Formulated BTU Rates Meet Industry Standards

By using proprietary sources and mixtures of ingredients, Roaring Spring BioFuel is specially formulated. Cubes are devised to meet high-BTU and low-BTU burn rates required for industry standards for commercial uses in today’s manufacturing marketplace. This makes BioFuel a very comparable and economic alternative energy source. For those companies who seek to make a noticeable move in the right direction for future generations by generating less pollution, read more facts on our Environmental page.

Roaring Spring BioFuel is specially formulated to meet high and low BTU burn rates for a variety of commercial applications & standards.

Absorbent Solution for Oil & Gas Industry

In addition to energy production, Roaring Spring BioFuel perfected a product for use as an absorbent, stabilizing solution for the oil and gas industry. Find out more about this feature on our Absorbents page, for details on how Roaring Spring BioFuel cubes work as a solidification agent for liquids generated by mining and industrial processes.

Roaring Spring BioFuel provides absorbent cubes that can be applied to various commercial tasks and industrial processes.

Responsible Alternatives Created Right Here in America.