Education on Fuel & Saving Energy

For Your Consideration, the BIOFLAME

Roaring Spring BioFuel products help you achieve significant ecological and economical savings overall, which is a win-win for the bottom line of everyone on the planet. We offer this educational piece for your consideration when determining the best way to meet your fuel needs:

BIO = By utilizing various existing components in our cube making process, BioFuel reduces existing biomass waste in a way that eliminates the growth and size of our waste stream. This is not “trash to steam” technology, but a cleaner, safer, and more mindful approach to reusing particular refuse materials in a way that makes sustainable sense. We utilize a number of elements, so our customizable cubes do not “only” run on one certain or limited ingredient.

F = Function: Fuel use really does depend on function. What is the purpose behind our use of fuel? Big business knows that it has always taken a lot to bring fossil fuels to the point where they can be used to generate the power that drives industry. Individuals know that we need fuel on a daily basis for basic heating and cooking. BioFuel offers energy solutions that meet the needs of energy users large and small. Count on BioFuel quality, innovation, and customization whether you need cubes by the truck full, or to stoke your backyard chiminea.

L = Limits: We all reach our limits, and as our greater environment is showing significant impact from fossil fuel use, Roaring Spring BioFuel offers a way to work within our means. Recognizing our limits is part of what caused us to develop ways to utilize our own waste matter that comes from our paper generation, combine it with other existing materials, and look for sustainable ways to meet energy and absorbent needs now and into the future. Roaring Spring BioFuel is part of a company that has been a pioneer in the paper industry, and we envision a beautiful future by being stewards of the resources we have under our domain.

A = Adaptation: The ability to adapt to changing realities and situations is a fundamental aspect to staying in business. Roaring Spring BioFuel has found this to be true in our own experience, and we now offer this same opportunity for adaptation to you. We adapt when we are motivated to do so, and beyond the eco-friendly function of our cubes, our process in creating BioFuel cubes offers us all a way to adapt to changing technologies and fuel generation and absorbent processes, with a mindful and ecological eye on the future. Consider the possibilities!

M = Molecules: Getting down to the molecular level is a large part of what Roaring Spring BioFuel is all about. Through the time and energies spent on research and development, we have learned that not all organic materials and possible components are suitable for inclusion in our BioFuel cubes. Cube creation is almost an alchemical process, where we transform quality materials in customizable blends to suit particular uses. We look at our fuel source as another resource, so we know we must utilize materials that make the most sense, are easily obtainable, and that cause little to no additional harm to our environment.

E = Ecosystem: BioFuel cubes offer a ‘natural solution’ to an unnatural problem. As the consumer marketplace has grown, responsible waste management has brought its own set of difficulties. BioFuel offers a targeted key to reducing our impact on the ecosystem while maintaining the energy needs of industries and individuals close to home and around the world. As more businesses become aware of the impact their fuel choices have on the climate’s carbon footprint, BioFuel’s customizable cubes can be a significant factor in supporting the delicate balance of our larger ecosystem, proving that working together, we all play a part in our future.

Roaring Spring BioFuel provides education on alternative fuel & saving energy using the BIOFLAME.

Responsible Alternatives Created Right Here in America.