Ecological & Economical Fuel
to Meet Energy Needs

Fuel Sources for Home & Industry

Roaring Spring BioFuel cubes, fuel sources for home and industry, are made from a combination of materials that include agricultural byproducts, unrecyclable paper fiber, and unrecyclable plastics. They are engineered so that the blended materials create a fuel that meets our customers’ requirements for BTU and physical characteristics. In addition, fuel cubes have reduced emissions versus fossil fuels. As compared to coal, they have significantly lower levels of metals, sulfur, SOX and NOX. Fuel cubes are compatible with most feed systems.

Consider Your Fuel Sources; Choose Roaring Spring Biofuel

Our Work Meets Your Fuel Needs

Roaring Spring BioFuel asks you to consider the kinds of fuel sources you currently use. Too often, individuals and companies engage in using products for fuel that often have an inconsistent quality yet still command a premium price.

Choose Roaring Spring BioFuel as an economical way to meet energy needs.

Lower Emissions with Roaring Spring BioFuel

When burning fossil fuels, companies and individuals both may not be completely aware of the emissions that enter the air from burning them. BioFuel cubes, in comparison, have much lower emissions and levels of the dangerous metals, sulfur, and other chemicals that enter our atmosphere. Whether you need heavy-duty energy for industrial and manufacturing applications, or seek a more eco-friendly way to grill, start a fire, or enjoy a fireplace or chiminea at home, BioFuel has the composite cube that is right for you!

Roaring Spring BioFuel offers customizable, commercial grade fuel cubes made of a paper base fiber and poly.

Fuel Sources for Commercial Use

Roaring Spring BioFuel commercial grade cubes are made of a paper base fiber and poly. The blend of materials will be customized based on your individual needs including the level of BTU’s.

Fuel Sources for Residential Use

Roaring Spring BioFuel residential cubes are made for recreational use. The blend of materials includes a combination of corncobs, corn stalks, and agricultural byproducts. These cubes are perfect for backyard chimineas, fire pits, in-home fireplaces, and camping.

Roaring Spring BioFuel offers fuel cubes for residential use, such as backyard fire pits and in-home fireplaces.

Roaring Spring BioFuel offers alternative fire starters that require no starter fluid and leave small amounts of ashes.

Fire Starters

Our fire starters are packaged in several sized bags to accommodate different burning containers and purposes. Fire starters contain waxed cardboard which works perfectly, safely, and quickly to start your residential fires. You’ll no longer need to use lighter fluid or other dangerous materials to get your fire burning hot. When done, there will be very little ash to remove.

Absorbent Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry Drilling

Absorbent cubes are engineered to meet our customers’ specific absorbent requirements. The cubes are manufactured using a combination of agricultural byproducts and unrecyclable paper fiber. Roaring Spring’s absorbents compare favorably with benchmark materials, such as wood chips.

See our Absorbents page for details on how Roaring Spring BioFuel cubes are formulated to absorb and stabilize liquids generated in oil and gas drilling processes.

Roaring Spring BioFuel offers absorbent cubes for commercial water, oil & gas spills.


Roaring Spring BioFuel’s absorbent products are a combination of paper-based absorbent materials and agricultural byproducts. The poly does not contain chloride and is not made of plastics. Recommended uses include commercial water, oil, gas, and excavation spills.

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