Energy for Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Wiser Than Wood for Residential Fuel

Recent years have seen more people enjoying the great outdoors. Revitalization in recreation activities, such as camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting, along with home-based extensions that include a variety of backyard kitchens and refurbished patio spaces with chimineas and fire pits in regular use year-round, also make Roaring Spring BioFuel a wiser choice than wood when it comes to residential fuel. Our cubes burn hot, but not too hot for individuals and families to enjoy in a variety of ways.

Roaring Spring BioFuel offers alternative fuel cubes for residential use, which are both safer and cleaner burning that wood.

Ease, Convenience, & Environmentally Safe

Ease and convenience are two main reasons why homeowners choose BioFuel. It comes in convenient bags that are perfect in various outdoor cooking uses, such as grills and smokers, just about anywhere you may currently use wood or coal. Roaring Spring BioFuel can be used alone, as a fire starter, or for efficient recreational use when camping and cooking outdoors. Roaring Spring BioFuel is much easier to carry than using wooden logs and kindling. It is environmentally safe and can be used anywhere without theconcerns that can come from burning certain types of diseased or chemically treated wood.

Roaring Spring BioFuel offers alternative fuel cubes for residential use, which are both safer and cleaner burning that wood.

Great for Hiking, Camping, & Outdoor Enjoyment

Roaring Spring BioFuel is available in size amounts for residential and individual use at any time of year. Take BioFuel with you while you are hiking, to have a warm meal without using dangerous liquid fuels or gas. It can be easily packed into a pocket or backpack and provide enough to warm food or drink on the trail.

Camping fans will appreciate BioFuel throughout the day for heat and it is safe to use for cooking food. BioFuel is light enough that it can be packed along with other gear and, because it is a fire starter, does not need to be doused with lighter fluid or other flammable liquids to get good times underway. It can be used in grills of all types, for large fires and small, which means the fun of nighttime campfires can continue without having to gather or chop firewood—a time savings right there.

Roaring Spring BioFuel is perfect for residential usage including campfires & in-home fires, and is safe for cooking food.

Roaring Spring BioFuel cubes are comparable to using wood pellets, so they are perfect for wood stoves, chimineas, and home fireplaces. Home applications in these smaller units are just as safe as using them outdoors. Since residential-grade BioFuel is made, from natural products, it does not produce objectionable odors so homeowners enjoy the great outdoors.

Responsible Alternatives Created Right Here in America.