Rockview Tests New Form of Fuel

Rockview Tests New Form of Fuel Earlier this week, SCI Rockview conducted a test run of biofuel cubes in its #3 coal boiler. The biofuel cubes are made of paper, wax cardboard and poly — are recycled materials. They are pressed into cubes and can be run through the coal handling system and boilers the same as coal.

Two previous trials were conducted with all trials being approved by DEP. The purpose of the testing was to determine if the existing system at SCI Rockview could use the biofuel cubes to produce steam. The boiler used for the testing was installed in 1955 and has been using bituminous coal to produce steam. During the last 60 years the boiler has had repairs made to the tubes and grates, but is essentially the same boiler that was originally installed. During the testing the boiler was operated the same as it would be with coal. SCI Rockview employees were able to get the boiler running on biofuel and were able to maintain the entire steam load for the institution running only the #3 boiler on biofuel for a period of 24 hours. The staff at the boiler plant did an excellent job testing an innovative product that may help reduce waste going to the landfills in the future. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Week

Source: Correctional Newsfront The Official Newsletter of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections 2018 News ~ July to September

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